When VeterinaryLogos.com is Not for You

When you buy a logo from VeterinaryLogos.com, you understand the design may be chosen by other practice owners in other markets. While you’re free to use your customized version of the logo to promote your practice, Kerry Nesbit, Incorporated, still owns the copyrights for the original designs and illustrations. 

If you have plans for branding multiple locations and/or offering branded products and services beyond a local or regional market, I recommend having a one-of-a-kind logo custom-designed for your exclusive use. That way, you have the option of purchasing the copyrights from the illustrator and/or designer and registering your logo as a trademark. 

The need to copyright and trademark a logo for a local professional practice is usually not an issue for most clients, but if you will benefit from owning all rights to your logo and plan to seek trademark registration, a custom design is the appropriate choice. 

I also suggest commissioning a custom design or moving on to shop at another website if you don’t see a  design concept on VeterinaryLogos.com that you especially like and want to use as your logo, essentially as-is.

If you actually have some other emblem in mind or a sample of a logo you prefer to any of the logos on the site, you’ll be better served by initiating a custom design project or finding a closer match on another site.