About the Logos

All logos offered on VeterinaryLogos.com are designed using two solid colors of ink. Once the logo is finished, I also convert the two colors to the closest equivalent four-color process formula to provide clients and their vendors an additional printing option for stationery and other logo applications.

Most logos will also work as a grayscale image printed in two shades of a single color of ink. These grayscale logos can be used in print when full color is not an option.

Most (but not all) designs work in one solid ink color, making them usable for applications requiring line art, such as some types of signs, specialty advertising merchandise and rubber stamps. The logos with lettering or illustrations on color blocks don’t work as well in one solid color. 

Most logo designs on the site lend themselves to embroidery on clothing, but a few—particularly the designs featuring lettering on color blocks—may not reproduce as well on fabric as the simpler designs with the emblem and lettering on a clear background.

If you have questions about how a particular design you’re considering can be used, contact Kerry Nesbit to discuss the logo’s suitability for the applications you have in mind.