How it Works

With the illustration drawn, the typefaces selected and the design elements in place, most of the work of creating your logo is already done. Here’s how the customization and delivery process typically unfolds once I receive your order:

* I open the original design file in Adobe Illustrator, type in your practice name and begin manipulating the type to make the words work with the design.

* I email one or more draft designs to you within one business day.

* You contact me by email or phone to approve the draft or request any revisions you want to the design, including additional color variations you’d like to see.

* After making any requested revisions and preparing the color combinations you’ve asked for, I send you more drafts for review and continue with our collaboration until you let me know you’re completely satisfied with a final version of your logo.

* If you ordered stationery or online graphics, I create those designs using your approved logo and contact information and send as many drafts as needed for your final approval.

* Based on the approved Adobe Illustrator design files, I export copies of the logo and stationery in appropriate file formats and sizes for use by your webmaster, printer, sign maker, specialty advertising supplier and other vendors. 

* I prepare and send you a document with details about your new logo (and stationery and online graphics, if you bought those), the color specifications and recommended applications for the supplied file formats. 

* I upload all finished files to a secure online folder and send you a private link to access and download the files. You may share the link with vendors so they can select and download their preferred formats.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As work progresses, if you find you’re not satisfied with your logo and/or stationery designs, you may cancel your order and receive a prompt, full refund so long as you cancel before you approve final draft(s).