Frequently-Asked Questions

What if I want changes in the designs beyond just having my practice name inserted?

The logos are intended to be sold essentially as designed and are priced accordingly.

The standard price covers customizing the logo you choose by substituting your practice name for the one shown in the sample, adjusting the size and shape of the type as needed to make the logo work for you and delivering the finished files in various formats.

You may substitute any two colors for the ones used in the original design at no additional charge. Once you have approved the design itself, you may request additional drafts showing color combinations you’d like to consider.

Alterations such as redrawing illustrations, adding new design elements or combining elements from multiple designs—for example, using the emblem or illustration from one logo with the typeface used in another—can be made at an additional charge that varies, depending on the extent of the work. I quote custom design fees for your prior approval before going ahead with the project.

For details, see the Service Agreement.

What if I don’t like the draft version of my customized logo?

You may contact me by email or phone to discuss possible revisions, bearing in mind that fundamental changes to the design concept will most likely require custom design work at an additional charge.

If you prefer, you may simply cancel the order and receive a prompt, full refund. I may also elect to issue a full refund if it seems unlikely I can complete the design to your satisfaction. 

How long will it take for my project to be finished?

Normal turnaround time for the completed logo design draft is one business day from the time I receive your order and one or two more business days from the time you approve the draft until you receive finished logo files. The normal turnaround times may not apply for custom design work and identity package design. 

For fastest project turnaround, respond promptly to requests for information and approvals.

What if one of my competitors wants to use the same logo I’ve chosen?

The “big idea” behind is to sell essentially the same design concepts to any number of veterinarians anywhere in the world. The designs are not meant to be exclusive to any one practice, but the chances of two directly competing practices’ choosing the same logo are relatively small.

I do check new orders against my customer database to make sure I’m not selling the same logo design to two practices within the same market. 

To minimize confusion and help your logo effectively differentiate your practice from directly competing ones, avoid choosing a logo that looks similar to others used in your market. 

Can we register our logo as a trademark or service mark with the US Patent & Trademark Office?

Because the logo design concepts offered on the website may be purchased by multiple practices, it’s inappropriate for any one practice to attempt to register a customized version as an exclusive trademark. 

If you are looking for a logo you can register as a trademark or service mark, I recommend investing in an exclusive, one-of-a-kind custom design rather than one adapted for your use from this site. For more information about registering trademarks and service marks, contact an attorney or visit the USPTO web site.

Will we own all intellectual property rights to our finished logo?

Kerry Nesbit, Incorporated, owns all rights to all the logo design concepts as well as the illustrations commissioned exclusively for the website. 

What you are purchasing when you have one of the designs customized for your practice is a license to use the customized version of the original design concept to identify and promote the veterinary practice named in the logo, however you (or a future owner of the practice) wish for as long as the practice is in business. 

You are not permitted to sell or share your logo files for use by another practice—even one you own.

What if I lose my files?

Your logo and stationery files will remain in your online file folder indefinitely. If you misplace the link to the file, contact me and I’ll resend it. I also upload a zipped folder containing all the files so you can download everything to your own computer immediately after delivery. 

Can I have stationery designed using a logo I already have?

If your logo is available in an Adobe Illustrator or encapsulated postscript file—with .ai or .eps appended to the file name—I may be able to work with it. Contact me and send me the logo file before ordering.

What if I need to update my stationery later?

I provide you with original Illustrator files, including editable text, used in your stationery.

I maintain client data files indefinitely, so revisions are generally easy to make provided the files are still compatible with the current version of the software. I make minor changes within the first year after purchase—a new ZIP code or area code, or a new name on a business card—at no additional charge. For more extensive revisions, I provide a price estimate for your approval before I begin revisions.

Many printers will also make minor revisions to your original files at no additional charge, provided they have the type fonts used installed in their systems.