Veterinary Logos Are Free on the Internet

These days, a Google search of “veterinary logos” turns up dozens of sites offering hundreds—even thousands—of choices for practice owners and managers to review. But if you’re as busy as the owners and managers I work with, you really don’t have time to review screen after screen of “veterinary logos” featuring clip-art drawings of sharks, bears, monkeys, rhinos, giraffes and a profile of an elephant’s head superimposed over a map of Africa.

To deliver a more focused, efficient and pleasurable logo shopping experience, I offer 72 carefully curated logo design concepts, most of which are suitable for small animal practices. There are also options for mixed, mobile, feline-only and equine-only practices. 

You’ll find many logos offered online for free, requiring only that you type in your practice name to be considered complete. But typing in the practice name is only the beginning of designing the type portion of the logo.

I take great pains with type when customizing a design to make sure the letter spacing, size, capitalization and positioning of each word in the practice name are not only legible, but ideally configured and balanced to complement the emblem. In some cases, I offer clients a choice of type configurations.

You won’t receive anything approaching this level of graphic design precision from a type-and-go site. And you won’t receive a full complement of vector and bitmapped file formats suited for multiple applications and printing technologies.

The entire collection can be reviewed in minutes, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can quickly and easily continue your search elsewhere.