Revisions Until Your Logo is Just Right

So far, the record turnaround time from receiving the logo order, submitting a design draft, receiving approval and delivering finished files is three hours. 

More typically, logo customization projects take at least a day, if not a few days to finish, and there can be a good bit of back-and-forth required to achieve the client’s complete satisfaction with the new logo. 

Most fine-tuning involves settling on exactly the right colors, and I’m happy to get on the phone to review recommended colors on the website and send new drafts to show what various color combinations look like. Sometimes clients will live with the draft color choices for a few days before settling on a final selection. 

Although the standard service does not include revisions to the emblem illustrations, occasionally the size and shape of the words and the desired emphasis in the practice name may require multiple draft options and additional fine-tuning. As with color, I create type variations and collaborate with clients to create a finished logo they ultimately feel is just right. 

As stated in the Service Agreement, I may at my discretion cancel your order and refund your payment in full if it appears I will be unable to satisfy you and complete your project after a reasonable number of revision rounds.