What You Get

After you have approved final drafts, you will receive a link to an online file folder containing the files for your finished logo and stationery in three different formats, suitable for use in multiple applications—

* Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

* Encapsulated postscript (.eps)

* Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Specifically, you receive— 

* The original two-color logo in its native format, Adobe Illustrator. 

* The logo converted to four-color process colors, grayscale and solid black in Illustrator. 

* The original stationery designs, if ordered, in their native format, Adobe Illustrator, with editable text. These files may be edited in the future, should names and/or contact information change.

* The original two-color stationery design files converted for four-color process printing.

* The logo design(s) in a generic encapsulated postscript format, suitable for scaling to any size.

* All design(s) as press-quality Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

* The logo design in jpeg and transparent png formats, in assorted sizes, for use in documents and online.

* Social media graphics, if ordered, in native format, Photoshop, exported and optimized as jpeg and png files suitable for uploading.

* Color specifications needed by printers, sign-makers and other vendors.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can open and look at the pdf files. If you download and double-click the pdfs and they don’t open, go to www.adobe.com and download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

You’ll need graphics editing software to open the Illustrator, EPS and Photoshop files. While you may not have software that can open these files, any commercial printer, sign maker or other vendor should be able to open and use one or more of these file formats. 

You receive additional copies of your new logo in two more formats—jpeg and png. These files are suitable to use on a web site or in computer documents. I size the logos in these formats to 600, 400, 300, 240 and 144 pixels wide. The jpegs have white backgrounds. The png file backgrounds are transparent.

The Illustrator and eps files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. The jpeg and png files will lose quality when enlarged.

The native format for all documents is the current version of Adobe Illustrator (or Adobe Photoshop for social media graphics).

If You Ordered Stationery

I design stationery in Adobe Illustrator and provide two versions of each finished file—the native format Illustrator file and a press-quality PDF, the format preferred by most printers. 

I provide both two-color and four-color versions of stationery files for your choice of printing process. For more information, see How to Get a Stationery Printing Quote.

If You Ordered Online Graphics

I design online graphics for social media channels in Adobe Photoshop to the pixel dimensions currently specified at the time you place your order.  I optimize the images for online display and provide them in jpeg and png formats. 

You receive the native format Photoshop files as well as the optimized images for upload to your social media account(s). 

Please note, social media channels may change page designs and specifications for header and profile images so that in the future, your images are no longer an exact fit.

Accessing and Downloading Your Files

As soon as you approve the final draft versions of your logo and stationery, I organize the files into subfolders, upload them and send you a link to the main folder.

You may email the link to printers, sign-makers and other vendors who need to work with your files. They can access your folder, select the file format they prefer and download the files they need.

I also provide a zipped folder containing copies of all the files for you to download to your computer.

Your files will remain in the online folder indefinitely. If you misplace your link, I will be happy to re-send it to you.

For easiest access, I recommend you download the zipped folder containing all your files immediately and copy them onto your computer’s hard drive, a flash drive, CD or DVD.