Choosing Your Colors

All logos are available in your choice of two colors. 

Much has been written about color theory and color psychology, but when the time comes to choose colors for their logos, most clients either stick with the colors shown in the original design concept or choose based on intuition and personal preference. One client sent paint swatches so I could match his logo to the paint colors he’d chosen for the walls and trim in his new clinic. Another opted to match the local high school’s team colors. 

Typically, we finish the design first, either in the colors shown on the website or in black and 40% black. Then, if you want to see the logo in one or more additional color combinations, I send draft designs in the various colors you’d like to consider.

Whatever colors you choose, to guarantee consistency across multiple applications and vendors, we’ll specify the colors by number, based on the Pantone Color Matching System. If you get asked about your Pantone or PMS colors, that’s what the printer or vendor is talking about. Pantone offers precise formulas for mixing solid ink colors as well as formulas for simulating solid ink colors by combining specified percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks used in four-color “CMYK” process printing. 

Some solid ink colors can be reproduced in process printing more accurately than others, so it’s a good idea to choose solid ink colors that also translate well for process printing. As a starting point for helping you choose, I selected a number of ink colors I recommend based on how they look offline in Pantone swatch books, both as solid colors and when converted for four-color process printing. In choosing them, I looked for pleasing colors, appropriate for branding a range of veterinary hospitals.

The colors you see onscreen are only approximations of the actual colors specified for your logo. To be sure of what your chosen colors will look like on paper, ask your printer to show the colors to you in a Pantone swatch book, ideally in daylight. In the meantime, the online swatches will give us a starting point for choosing the perfect two ink colors for your veterinary practice logo.