But We Already Have a Logo

Most of the logos purchased on VeterinaryLogos.com are to identify new practices, but owners of established practices may elect to introduce a new logo to replace a low-quality design, to signal change or to bring an aging visual identity up-to-date. 

Situations that may call for a new logo for an established practice include: 

* A change in practice ownership or management

* An expansion or renovation of an existing facility

* A move to a new facility

* Hiring new doctors and/or staff

* Acquiring major new equipment

* Implementing comprehensive new practice policies and procedures

* Launching a new website

* Printing new stationery

* Responding to increased competition

The new logo may be completely different from the one it’s replacing, or there can be elements of the previous logo carried over to the new. You might choose to use the same or similar colors or similar, but updated imagery in the emblem to take advantage of brand equity associated with the former logo.